Ethos E-Juice -60mL

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Ethos Crispy- This sweet e-liquid tastes exactly like the sweet marshmallow rice cereal treats we’ve all grown to love over the years!

Strawberry Crispy- Same great tastes but with an added dose of strawberry to make this sweet treat taste even better! Inside this great e-liquid you will find a sweet marshmallow rice cereal with a healthy dose of strawberries and sugar!

Fruity Crispy- Have you ever been indecisive on which cereal to eat in the morning? With this e-liquid, you won’t have to be. Combining fruity pebbles with rice crispy was the right way to take the win with this sweet e-liquid!

Blueberry Crispy- This new scrumptious flavor is a delectable blend of blueberries and rice crispy treats that will have you craving fresh blueberries for days!

Apple Crispy- Looking for the ultimate dessert vapor? This sweet and tart green apple mixed with marshmallow rice cereal is sure to make your taste buds scream!