Shipping and Handling

How long does it take to ship?

We normally ship all orders within 1-2 business days upon receipt of order if there are no shipping address or billing discrepancies. Any shipping address or billing issues will take longer. 

In the rare event, we do have to back order an item we will notify you immediately the exact time period and change of cost (if any).

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all US states and US territories. We also ship internationally, please inquire in an email or give us a call during normal business hours for a exact quote.

My package did not arrive on time!?!

If you paid for expedited shipping and you do not receive your order in the specified time period, you will under normal circumstances be refunded on shipping costs.

However, if there is a uncontrollable delay (such as weather, incorrect address or billing insecurities) we do not offer guarantees, but we will work with you in every way possible to get the package to you.

Lost my package or issue with delivery, what to do?

File an appropriate case with the corresponding shipping courier. You should be able to find out the shipping service b looking at your tracking#. Confirm that the address you are expecting the package is correct. Note down details from shipping courier and then email us or give us a call to get us the exact details, if they require us to assist.

The reason why we like customers to call in first because when we follow up after you submit a case, shipping couriers tend to place more importance when both parties are calling in and inquiring on the whereabouts of the package.

Incorrect address/Need to change address

All customers are responsible for providing the correct shipping address. If it is delivered to an incorrect address provided, you will responsible for all costs. We will, however assist in all ways possible to retrieve the shipment.

If you need to change the address during transit, please call,email or chat with us with the information as soon as possible! The quicker we can get this information, the better. However, there are no guarantees and the shipping courier may have to charge an extra service fee for this option.

Cancelling or Changing orders

If you need to cancel an order please call, text, email or chat with us right away. The quicker the better. There are no guarantees once we do receive the order though.